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Thinking about O - If an office space has only a U+V combination, it seems that the design of the office environment has been completed, but will this seem monotonous and boring? Whether employees need some private space? The design concept of "O" is born, and the movable independent space can be a Phone-booth, a small conference room, a lounge, a meditation space, etc., which reflects the Box design idea.

Overall Size (mm) :

Phone    Outer : W950 x D950 x H2200

Solo        Outer : W1200 x D1200 x H2200

Relax     Outer : W1575 x D1200 x H2200 

Solo Plus   Outer : W1750 x D1750 x H2200 

Co Work    Outer : W1750 x D1200 x H2200 

Talk  Outer : W2200 x D1200 x H2200