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Boomerang Sofa

Boomerang Sofa


Solid wood core frame covered in high density and high resilience foam, Boomerang allows modulation into an array of shapes and configuration to achieve a perfect set for your venue.



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Fabric Color

Fabric Color - F6201

Fabric Color - F6202

Fabric Color - F6205

Fabric Color - F6206

Fabric Color - F6207

Fabric Color - F6208

Fabric Color - F6210

Fabric Color - F6212

Fabric Color - F6213

Fabric Color - F6215

PU Color

PU Color - PU1201

PU Color - PU1206

PU Color - PU1208

PU Color - PU1209

PU Color - PU1213

PU Color - PU1215

PU Color - PU1218

PU Color - PU1220

PU Color - PU1223

PU Color - PU1228

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Overall Size (mm) :

CO-BR9010-20       W2040 x D1000 x H740

CO-BR9010-25       W2000 x D710 x H740

CO-BR9010-70       W1700 x D710 x H740

CO-BR9010-40       W1500 x D800 x H740

CO-BR9010-45       W1500 x D800 x H740

CO-BR9010-50       W1060 x D750 x H740

CO-BR9010-55       W1060 x D750 x H740


CO-BR9010-21       W600 x D600 x H430

CO-BR9010-22       W900 x D900 x H430

CO-BR9010-23       W740 x D740 x H430

CO-BR9010-24       W1800 x D710 x H430

CO-BR9011-10       W1670 x D850 x H430

CO-BR9011-20       W480 x D420 x H430